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Mobilization for Youth and Entrepreneurship in Africa: Focusing on Partnerships and Field Actions

Together at a joint press conference on Tuesday, 7 March 2017, UNESCO, Francophonie, CEDEAO, MEDEF, Club 2030 Africa and AGYP reaffirm their common ambition for African youth through the declaration Africa 2030 : Making youth the pillar of inclusive and sustainable growth of the continent through the development of entrepreneurship.

Africa is the youngest continent in the world : more than half of its population is under 25 years old. Its population will reach 2 billion by 2050 and the continent will have to create 20 million jobs per year.

Throughout the world, entrepreneurship fosters economic growth and generates new jobs. Youth and women's entrepreneurship is an essential condition for sustainable and inclusive development. Entrepreneurship, a vector of jobs, is a condition of stability and security.

The Africa 2030 Declaration, drawn up by the AGYP and the Club 2030 Africa, is a true roadmap for the 60 networks and 150 signatory personalities to carry out joint actions on the field based on partnerships between European and African actors.
Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, Michaëlle Jean, Secretary General of La Francophonie, HE Mr. Marcel A. de Souza, Chairman of the ECOWAS Commission, Pierre Gattaz, President of MEDEF and Honorary President of AGYP, Khaled Igué, President of Club 2030 Africa, reaffirm the commitment of their organization to implement these guidelines by combining international organizations, professional organizations and civil society in three areas of action: education and training; Employment and employability; Entrepreneurship and business.

This press conference is also an opportunity to announce new joint actions :

  • The launch of the digital platform AGYP, destined to become an unparalleled professional social network that will serve as a catalyst for exchanges between young people and entrepreneurs in Africa and Europe (opened on 15 March at the MEDEF Digital University) ;
  • the signing of a partnership between UNESCO and MEDEF to strengthen cooperation for the benefit of youth and entrepreneurship abroad;
  • the signing of a partnership between La Francophonie and MEDEF, based on the economic Francophonie, to develop youth entrepreneurship;
  • the organization of the second Youth and Entrepreneurship Forum on the African continent before the end of 2017 bringing together international institutions, professional organizations, diasporas, education / training networks, start-ups and entrepreneurs from Africa And Europe.

In addition to these new actions, organizations are already working on the field :

  • MEDEF and its partners initiated the Active Growth and Youth Programs (AGYP), which provide for a series of actions in 3 key areas with partners in Africa: education and training ; Employment and employability; Entrepreneurship and business.
  • The Organization internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) is also in the forefront in this field, with the opening of business incubators in 12 African countries.
  • UNESCO has a long tradition of cooperation with Africa, especially with African youth. The organization has placed this cooperation at the center of its priorities. UNESCO is working closely with the Commission of the African Union to promote the ratification and implementation of the African Youth Charter throughout the continent.
  • CEDEAO, a regional integration organization that brings together 15 countries in West Africa, is also involved in its main objective of promoting economic and political cooperation among member states. West Africa is indeed the youngest region in the world.
  • The Club 2030 Africa, which promotes the Africa 2030 Declaration together with the AGYP, advocates harmonious economic and social development for the African continent by 2030 by drawing up recommendations on basic development policies.

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