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Presentation of the First Edition of the Biennale of Luanda to the 32nd Summit of the African Union Heads of State and Government

On 8 February 2019, UNESCO, the Government of Angola and the African Union Commission held in Addis Ababa an information meeting for the African Union Head of State and Government on the Biennale of Luanda - Pan-African Forum for a culture of peace, on the margins of the 34th session of the Executive Board of the African Union.

The Republique of Angola was represented by the Minister of Culture, Mrs Carolina Cerqueira and the Representative of the Minister of External Relations, Mr Tete Antonio, Secretary of States for External Relations; the African Union by the Commissioner for Social Affairs, Mrs Amira El Fadil; and UNESCO by the Director of UNESCO Liaison office to the African Union Commission and Economic Commission for Africa, Mrs Ana Elisa Santana Afonso and the Coordinator of the International team of the Biennale, UNESCO Representative to Gabon and Head of the UNESCO office of Libreville, Vincenzo Fazzino.

The information meeting aim was two-fold: to inform the African Union Members States about the Biennale of Luanda, following the Decision 558/XXIV adopted by the 24th session of the African Union Assembly requesting the African Union Commission “to take all the appropriate measures in consultation with UNESCO and the Government of Angola for the organization of the Pan-African Biennial Forum for a culture of peace in Africa, “Biennale of Luanda”, and to enable them to participate in its implementation.

The First Edition of the Biennale de Luanda, whose major objective will be to institutionalize and sustain the Pan-African Movement for a culture of peace by implementing a multi-partnership involving all stakeholders, will take place from 18 to 22 September 2019 in Angola. It will be organized around four poles: Reflection or Africa future-oriented intellectual Forum, Festival of cultures where African countries and its diaspora could showcase their cultural diversity and their resilience to conflicts and violence, international cultural and sports Events and Mobilization of partners to fund the projects across the African continent.

“The concept of the culture of peace emerged 30 years ago in Yamoussoukro, during a conference organized by UNESCO, under the slogan “Peace in the mind of men”. A concept that has lasted until now, remembered with honor 30 years later and kept alive by Angola” said the Secretary of State for External Relations at the opening ceremony of the information meeting.

According to the Director of UNESCO Liaison office, this continental event, following up on to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, notably the Sustainable development goals 16 and 17, Aspiration 4 of the African Union and its initiatives “Agenda for Peace” and “Silencing the guns for 2020”, will be devoted to promoting a culture of peace and non-violence in Africa.

For its part, the African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs highlighted the role played by Angola, UNESCO and the Commission of the African Union in the co-organization in March 2013 in Luanda (Angola) of the Pan-African Forum “Sources and resources for a culture of peace”. Forum that enabled the launch of the continental and sustainable Movement in favor of a culture of peace in Africa.

To conclude the information meeting, the Minister of Culture announced, “I would like to invite the audience, African and those from other continents, to come to Luanda for the Peace Biennale and share with us the welcoming traditions of our Angolan hospitality, to better understand our vast cultural diversity, our history and the stages of our country’s steady development”.

An organizing committee composed of two teams, national – from Angola and international with UNESCO and the Commission of the African Union, was created.

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