20.10.2016 - Africa Department

Visit of the President of the General Conference at Yaoundé

The President of the General Conference of UNESCO, Mr. Stanley Mutumba Simataa paid an official visit to Cameroon from 10 to 14 October 2016. He was greeted on arrival by Mrs YOUSSOUF born Hadidja ALIM, Minister of Basic Education and Chairperson of the National Commission for UNESCO.

The President of the General Conference met with the Prime Minister of the republic of Cameroon. During this meeting, he reiterated UNESCO's commitment to assist the republic of Cameroon in its development ambitions. He alsohas had an audeince with the Foreign Minister, with whom he welcomed the fruitful and successful cooperation between UNESCO and Cameroon. Finally, H.E. Mr. Stanley Mutumba Simataa met with ministers whose portfolios belong to UNESCO's mandates, including the Minister of Higher Education, the Minister of Basic Education and the Minister of Communication. He also had very rich discussions with industry professionals of scientific research and innovation.

During his stay in Yaoundé, the President of the General Conference participated in a number of activities. Then, the opening ceremony of community radio FM M'malli Sa'a, chaired by the Minister of Communication. Located 76 kilometers from Yaoundé, the radio was turned into multimedia Community Center, through the project to support decentralization through community radios, financed from own funds of the Government of Cameroon and implemented by UNESCO. Finally, Mr. Stanley Simataa visited, Basic Education Minister company, Essos of public schools doubled to a literacy center, and public schools’ inclusive application of Mfou, located 30 kilometers from Yaoundé, where teaching materials provided by UNESCO was formally handed over to officials of the institution.

Before the end of his official visit to Yaoundé, the President of the General Conference met with the staff of the Regional Office in Yaoundé on the issues and challenges of the mission of UNESCO, in the presence of heads of national offices Windhoek, Libreville and Brazzaville, present in Yaoundé for the occasion.
S.E.M. Stanley Mutumba Simataa left Yaounde on October 14 in the evening, satisfied with the mobilization around this visit and the excellent cooperation between Cameroon and UNESCO

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