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UNESCO represents the Education Development Partners at National Basic Education Week

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As Sector Lead of the Education Development Partners (DPs) of Senegal, UNESCO visited Matam for the opening ceremony of the 21st National Basic Education Week, this year on "the use of national languages in elementary schools for improving school performance".

On May 15, the opening ceremony of the National Basic Education Week was held in Matam, chaired by the Minister of Education Mr. Serigne Mbaye Thiam. The event brought together various groups of education actors, including UNESCO who as Sector Lead represented the Development Partners and Local Education Group (LEG).

UNESCO supports this year’s theme, "the use of national languages in elementary schools for improving school performance", as an enabler of universal access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the Education 2030 Framework for Action highlight the importance of using the native language to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Within the framework of its CapED programme, UNESCO supported the Senegalese government in the development of a harmonized model for bilingual education in Senegal.

At this national event which promoted access to multilingual education, UNESCO, on behalf of education partners, renewed its support to education system reform towards lifelong learning and its commitment to accompany the government in the implementation of the education sector plan, the PAQUET, in order to continue improving the quality of learning in Senegal.

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