27.05.2016 - Africa Department

Screening of "Aujourd'hui" directed by Alain Gomis

On 23 May, His Excellency Mr Abdou Sourang, Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Senegal to UNESCO, gave a welcome address to the large number of the public who turned up to watch one of the films scheduled for Africa Week,

It is the third film directed by the Franco-Senegalese Alain Gomis, who decided to choose Saul Williams and Aïssa Maïga as his main actors. This cruel tale in which death and exclusion ring as an ode to the children lost through immigration was released in cinemas in Paris on 9 January 2013. The screening was met with the desired success, with around one-hundred people coming to witness Satché’s last day. Satché, the film’s protagonist, is played by Saul Williams, musician and American hip-hop poet, as discovered in the 1998 film Slam.

Satché knows that he only has one day to live. Although living in the USA, he decides to return to his native Senegal to celebrate his impending death in the company of his loved ones. An internal journey subsequently plays out in which Satché passes from state to state through different scenes: at home, the area of his childhood, with friends during his teenage years and with his first love.

This film received the Special Jury Prize at the Carthage Film Festival (Tunisia) after having been named “best feature length drama” at the Cordoba African Film Festival. Earlier, in 2012, it was also awarded in Milan (Italy) and in Seattle (United States). In Berlin (Germany), it was again the only African film presented in the official competition.

“Today” marks the Franco-Senegalese filmmaker’s third feature length film after As a Man (2001) and Andalucia (2008). Filmed in Dakar, this fiction “approaching the fear of death is first of all a film about life”.

"Aujourd'hui", or “Tey” in Wolof, at UNESCO Headquarters, and provided a brief synopsis of the feature length film.

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