08.08.2017 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Technical Dialogue on the Integration of SDG4-ED2030 in the new Malian Education Sector Plan


The second technical dialogue workshop on the integration of SDG4-Education 2030 was held from 11 to 13 July 2017 in Bamako. This workshop is part of the support of UNESCO (Offices of Dakar and Bamako in collaboration with IIEP-Pole Dakar) in formulating the new ten-year program of education development (PRODEC2) in Mali. The meeting was attended by about 60 participants, including the three ministries in charge of education, civil society and education partners.

Following a first workshop organized in March 2017, this meeting helped to link the results of the sectoral analysis with the SDG4-Education 2030 Framework for Action. As the development of PRODEC2 coincides with Mali’s commitment to the new vision of education 2030, this is a unique opportunity for the country to conduct a thorough reflection on the future of its education system, particularly its relevance, and to rethink education through the prism of lifelong learning. UNESCO, together with its partners, accompanies its Member States in the integration and implementation of SDG4-ED2030, in national sector plans, as part of the support of the Regional Coordination Group on SDG4-ED2030 for West and Central Africa (RCG4-WCA).

During the workshop, group work allowed the participants to discuss the causes of some key challenges that emerge from the sector diagnosis, which include (i) non-completion of basic education, (ii) low quality and lack of relevance of learning (Iii) inefficiency in the use of public resources, (iv) weak link between education and training and the world of work, and (v) lack of development of alternative education system and gateways. As a second step, the participants were led to identify, based on Agenda 2030, appropriate solutions to be considered in the context of PRODEC2.

More broadly, the strengthening of exchanges between the various education stakeholders, initiated in March and confirmed by this workshop, will contribute to the policy dialogue around the elaboration of PRODEC2 with the support of UNESCO.


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