21.07.2017 - Education Sector

UNESCO-China project on ICT in education study tour in China


Twenty-three representatives from the 10 UNESCO-China Funds-In-Trust (CFIT) Project joined a study tour in China to learn about the ICT in education experiences in China and other countries from 10 to 14 July 2017.

The study tour was composed of participants from the International Forum on ICT and Education 2030 Forum in Qingdao and the Dujiangyan International Forum – Ensuring Quality Education and Lifelong Learning through ICT that took place in Dujiangyan, Chengdu. During the forum, representatives actively engaged in themes including digital innovation for SDG 4, scaling up digital innovations for disadvantaged groups, national policies to leverage ICT to achieve education 2030, and future e-schools etc. In addition, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Congo presented their experience of using ICT for teacher training in the CFIT project in a CFIT dedicated session during the Qingdao Forum.

CFIT representatives also visited two rural primary schools which adopts the ‘Future school’ model and saw how ICT was used in student management, and facilitating interaction of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Participants found this study tour very useful, with many lessons learnt to further share and apply in their own countries. “This tour motivated me to support my country in exploring avenues to ICT-related application to enhance quality of learning,” said one participant. Another representative said: “I liked the diversity of the speakers, topics and backgrounds.” Many found the discussion and demonstration of ‘future schools’ fascinating and pledged to apply it in their countries: “It is an eye-opener for me,” said a participant. “I will identify key elements that are in line with the model of ‘future schools’ in my country and will incorporate it in our system.”  Participants also thanked UNESCO, the Chinese National Commission to UNESCO, and the Government of China for this learning opportunity.

This is the fourth study tour of the CFIT Project, following the study tours in Beijing, China; Cote d’Ivoire; and Ethiopia in 2015, which aims at facilitating peer learning and south-south cooperation. Over 50 representatives from the CFIT countries have participated in these study tours to date.

The CFIT Project supports capacity building in teacher training / education institutions via ICT in 10 Africa countries, namely: Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Namibia, Congo, DR Congo, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, Togo, and Zambia.

Learn more about the UNESCO-China Funds-In Trust (CFIT) Project here.  

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