Missions of the Africa Department

1. The coordination of programmes to benefit Africa

The mission assigned to the Department is to create conditions which should ensure that the priority accorded to Africa by the governing bodies is reflected as fully as possible at every stage in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the Organization’s programme.

The Department is therefore required to:

  • ensure that Africa-related activities are dealt with as a matter of priority;
  • monitor and coordinate all programmes to benefit Africa;
  • be attentive to the continent’s needs and aspirations through regular contacts with the Permanent Delegates to UNESCO;
  • coordinate, for the entire continent, the Organization’s response in respect of post-conflict and reconstruction, especially through the PEER programme;
  • mobilize resources and promotional activities for Africa.

2. The monitoring and strengthening of relations with Member States and partnerships

The Department is also responsible for handling relations with the Member States and partnerships in Africa. It is the Organisation’s focal point for:

  • AU / NEPAD* ;
  • joint United Nations programmes in Africa;
  • cooperation with African regional and subregional organisations.



* African Union / New Partnership for Africa’s Development

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