Promoting an environment conducive to freedom of expression and media development

Journalism students from the Centre d’Etudes des Sciences et Techniques de l’Information (CESTI), Senegal, a training institution that receives support from UNESCO. © UNESCO

Objectives :

  • Improvements in the enabling environment for press freedom;
  • Strengthening the safety of journalists in Africa;
  • Strengthening capacities of media institutions and professionals in Africa;
  • Promoting and strengthening community media as enablers of the free flow of information for development.

Main actions:

  • Creating policy and regulatory conditions conducive to press freedom;
  • Enhancing national, regional and international advocacy for the protection of journalists against impunity;
  • Training a critical mass of media professionals in key fields of Africa’s development;
  • Empowering community radio initiatives in Africa through a supportive policy and regulatory environment;
  • Promoting universal access and preservation of information and knowledge.
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