10.07.2011 - UNESCO

African Union Youth Volunteers Programme

UNESCO participated and provided support to the second training session of African Union Youth Volunteers Programme, held in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea). 

During this training programme, young africans from different African countries learned how to live together and acquired different skills. The programme was composed of modules such as:

- Developing a pan-african orientation;
- Leadership roles and skills;
- Problem solving;
- Intercultural communication;
- Life skills and personal discipline;
- “My role as an African Union Young volunteers Corps”;
- Team building through sport.

Launched in December 2010 in Abuja (Nigeria), the African Union Youth Volunteers Program is a continental development program that recruits youth volunteers to work in all  African countries. The main objective is to deploy Young African Volunteers aged from 18 to 30 years old with various academic and professional backgrounds on different projects and programs in Africa.

During the 17th African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea expressed its availability to host a permanent training centre for Young Volunteers. Heads of States and Government also decided:

- the organization on the margin of every June/July Summit of a training session for young volunteers;
- the deployment immediately of trained volunteers, in various organizations such as the African Union bodies and institutions as well as the Regional Economics Communities, as part of capacity building for Young people.

How to become an African Union Young Volunteer:

Volunteer requests could be made by filling a request form online under http://www.africa-youth.org/auyvc.jsp. It is important that the duties and responsibilities, as well as required level of qualifications are specified.

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