05.11.2013 - Africa Department

Awareness raising exhibition stand about drought monitoring in Africa

Organized within the framework of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, from 29 to 31 October 2013 at UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris, the side event on awareness raising on Drought Monitoring in Africa was held at the Forum’s Exhibition stands. This side event was part of the implementation of the UNESCO Priority Africa intersectoral platform project entitled “Drought Monitoring at the Country Level - Towards Regional and National Drought Mitigation and Risk Management and Planning Strategies in Africa”.

This Youth campaign was following an event organised by the UNESCO and AGRHYMENT 22 to 23 October in Niger on the aforementioned theme. These two events are part of the implementation of the intersectoral platform for Priority Africa project introduced above.

Environmental youth activists from Africa have been invited to lead an awareness raising campaign on this matter. Alongside UNESCO programme specialists from the Water Division, Natural Sciences Sector, and an expert from AGRHYMET, the youth participants are expected to sensitize and educate other young people and youth-related stakeholders on the impact of climate change and drought challenges on youth development, and on the specific contribution youth can have in addressing these challenges in their countries and in Africa.

The participants will also have an opportunity to learn about the drought monitor developed by Princeton University in order to enable them to appreciate it as operational tool that can be useful in their communities for near real-time monitoring and seasonal forecasting. After the Youth Forum, they are now expected to continue raising awareness of the impact of drought, namely on women and young women and men in their communities and raise awareness about the drought monitor system.     

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