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Handbooks and computers for damaged schools in Brazzaville (Congo)

Brazzaville, May 25th – A ceremony took place on May 25th at Mpila-Brazzaville to mark the official handover of educational material given to the Congolese government by UNESCO. This emergency help of 50,000 dollars follows the arms depot explosion in Mpila which caused numerous casualties and extensive damage. The assistance of UNESCO helped to acquire mathematics, chemistry, physics, and life sciences textbooks as well as two computers and office equipment.

Rosalie Kama, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, and Literacy, officially handed over, as UNESCO’s emergency help, educational material in the Collège d’enseignement général (General Education College) of Nganga Edouard. The ceremony was attended by the UNESCO representative for Congo, Abdourahamane Diallo, along with the Secretary General of the Congolese National Commission for UNESCO, Gabriel Bokoumaka, as well as Heads of schools and a hundred senior students affected by the damage.  

During his intervention, Gabriel Bokoumaka explained the context and the gains related to the emergency help. In turn, Rosalie Kama expressed her deepest gratitude to UNESCO for this help.

The teaching material (3,800 handbooks for the scientific section of the high school senior classes; two computers and accessories; two laser copiers) should allow the students from the scientific section to improve their grades and performances. UNESCO’s help should also allow restoring the high school organization database, which was destroyed along with the buildings.  

The UNESCO Bureau of Brazzaville has supported the efforts of rapid reintegration of more than 23,000 children who were out of school since March 5th, the day after the explosion. Since then more than 8,800 students who used to attend the three, now destroyed, institutions (Lycée de la Révolution, Collège Gampo Olilou and the preschool) are out of schools, without any educational material, and suffer from various traumas.  

In this context, UNESCO hosted the Education Commission and presided the emergency Communication cell. The Bureau has mobilized 180,310 dollars from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for the training of 510 teachers and other educational personnel, to be able to provide psychosocial support for the students including awareness to risk prevention and reduction; education in emergency situations; culture of peace; education to citizenship and to the “living in harmony” in the cultural diversity.   ______________________________________________________________________ For more information, please contact: M. Abdourahamane Diallo, UNESCO representative for the Republic of the Congo M. Franck Carel Nkaya, Point focal Communication 134, Boulevard Maréchal Lyautey Office located in front of the Hospital Center of Brazzaville, B.P. 90 Phone: +242 670 55 53 E-mail :brazzaville@unesco.org - BRAZZAVILLE (Republic of the Congo)                Pictures of the Lycée de la Révolution (Revolution High school)  

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