03.10.2011 - Education Sector

Higher Education: China and Africa team up


Leaders of universities in China and Africa are meeting in UNESCO, Paris on 24-25 October, to promote university partnerships and establish an action plan for collaboration between UNESCO, China and Africa.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the meeting, entitled “2011 UNESCO-China-Africa University Leaders meeting: Prospects for Future Collaboration”, will address the common challenge of the employability of higher education graduates.

Although there are substantial differences between he higher education systems in China and Africa, both have been affected by massification and both need to increase the relevance of their programmes and enhance the employability of their graduates.

Expected outcomes include a shared understanding of the main issues; identified information and research gaps; the possibility of cooperation between universities and a grasp of the implications for higher education actors and for UNESCO, China and Africa.

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