28.10.2013 - Africa Department

Youth Forum « Towards a successful social entrepreneurship project »

In the context of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum taking place from 29 to 31 October 2013 at the Organisation’s Headquarters under the overall theme “Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development”, the Africa Department, in collaboration with the African Business Club, will organize a workshop entitled “Towards a successful social entrepreneurship project”. This workshop will gather young people from all over the world, particularly from Africa, as well as stakeholders interested in youth.

The training workshop follows the recommendations of UNESCO and the African Union framework documents on Youth which share similar aspirations on the need to accelerate youth empowerment in Africa and globally.

Social entrepreneurship is a lever for empowering youth while maximizing its contribution to inclusive economic growth. Capacity building is a key factor to such success. Strengthening skills, structuring an organization, using suitable tools and methodologies, developing partnerships or achieving strategic intelligence are fundamental elements to an organization’s performance and longevity. Through this workshop, UNESCO and African Business Club wish to provide young people with a set of practices essential to the management and the sustainability of a social entrepreneurial project. This workshop will be structured around four axes:

  • Offer a simplified youth-friendly approach covering the entire project cycle from the idea to the implementation;
  • Identify and address key factors necessary for the proper execution of tasks inherent to the project;
  • Apply methodologies learnt through practical case studies;
  • Inspire young people through sharing experiences in view of enabling them to start new social project or improve on their ongoing projects.

It is expected that through the Youth Forum, young people will contribute in an effective way to the three objectives of the UNESCO Operational Strategy for Youth 2014-2021, that is:

  • The formulation and revision of policies with youth participation;
  • Capacity building and lifelong learning while transitioning to adulthood;
  • Civic and democratic participation, as well as social innovation.  

The training workshop will take place on the 31st of October 2013, in room IX, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 9.00 to 13.00. The workshop will be organised in 2 sessions of 2 hours each (1 session in English and 1 session in French) and will be interactive.

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