01.01.2013 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Al Sa’aa Surria (the Syrian Hour) Radio Program: Promoting Freedom of Expression and Information for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

© UNESCO AmmanSyrian youths being trained for the ‘Syrian Hour’

With the high number of vulnerable Syrian women and youth in Jordan, the the absence of a communication platform for these groups and the lack of adequate information dissemination on humanitarian services available in northern Jordan, the Al Sa’aa Surria (the Syrian Hour) Radio Program uses radio as a strategic tool for developing 3 main lines of action:

  • involving Syrian youths, male and female, in radio editing and broadcasting training to foster their media and information literacy and promote freedom of expression
  • giving voice to the Syrian refugee community in Jordan by providing an information sharing and communication platform
  • disseminating information about Syrian refugees in Jordan and assistance and protection services available to them, with a special focus on services for women and youth

The major objective of the project is to give voice to the Syrian refugee community in Jordan by providing an information and communication platform where they can freely access information, express their concerns and for those feeling helpless participate in relief operations. The program has an important role in delivering essential humanitarian information to help Syrian refugees in their daily lives, such as providing information on how to access basic services such as health and education. In addition, the radio show provides psychosocial support to the refugees as it is hosted by Syrians for Syrians.

The project has proven to be very successful and extremely welcomed by the Syrian community based on feedback on air and via the program’s Facebook page (facebook.com/Saa.Suriya). Therefore, UNESCO is seeking additional funding to continue the project beyond June 2013 and to expand it to other areas in Jordan with large Syrian populations.

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