24.07.2009 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Byzantine hydraulic stone sawmill installed in Jerash, Jordan


Project was initiated in 2006.

Amman, 16 November

A working replica of a Byzantine hydraulic stone sawmill was installed in Jerash. The model, prepared in France and assembled on site in Jerash by a group of students from the Delataille Professional Technical School, was based on remains found in Jerash of the ‘oldest machine of this type actually known in the world.’ The project was initiated in 2006 by Jacques Seigne, acting director of the Institut Français du Proche-Orient in Jordan, in coordination with the Department of Antiquities (DoA). French Ambassador Corinne Breuzé, DoA Director Fawwaz Khraysheh, and officials from Jerash, UNESCO and the USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project attended the launch. Participants went on a site visit to Jerash on a tentative list of World Heritage Sites. UNESCO staff also toured the site and attended a presentation inside the Jerash museum.

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