21.03.2013 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Developing an integrated conservation plan for Petra

As a part of an on-going consultation on developing an integrated conservation plan for the World Heritage site of Petra, the UNESCO Amman Office attended a workshop on March 19, 2013 to discuss the progress of the plan.

The development of this plan is in response to Decision 35 COM 7B.49 of the World Heritage Committee (UNESCO, 2011) which requested the State Party of Jordan to:

‘Develop and implement an integrated conservation plan, based on recommendations of existing management and operational plans, updated condition recording surveys, and identify required conservation, maintenance and protection measures to ensure the conservation of heritage assets and define conservation guidelines and principles to guide future interventions at the property.’

Organized by the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority, the workshop followed a meeting in July 2012 and a conference in October 2012 on the same topic. It included presentations made by CULTECH, the coordinator of the conservation plan, and discussions on the proposed activities to be included in the plan.

Attending the workshop with UNESCO were representatives of the World Monuments Fund, Petra National Trust, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Department of Antiquities, the American Centre of Oriental Research, the Universities of Jordan and Yarmouk, USAID/Siyaha, Dar al Omran Planning Architecture and Engineering, as well as various individual consultants.

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