25.03.2019 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Drosos Foundation, UNESCO celebrate accomplishments of Safi Crafts


Amman, 21 March 2019 – Today, under the patronage of Her Excellency Ms. Basma Eshaqat, the Minister of Social Development, Drosos Foundation and the UNESCO Amman office hosted an event celebrating the women of “Safi Crafts”.

UNESCO has been implementing the “Empowering rural women and increasing resilience in the Jordan Valley” project since 2013, with generous support from Drosos Foundation. UNESCO has recognized that rural women represent a marginalized group and commits to increasing employment opportunities for them. The project has taken an innovative approach, targeting the village of Ghor el Safi, and supporting a local women’s cooperative, leveraging culture for sustainable development, and as a source of resilience in Jordan.

Marking the occasion of Mother’s Day, the event honored the achievements of the women of “Safi Crafts” over the past six years, in the presence of valued partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries. “Safi Crafts” is a line of handmade, eco-friendly textiles and accessories, with a modern twist that appeals to today’s consumers. The products are sold in 20 retail locations across Jordan.

The project has helped the rural women to raise awareness on the role of women in empowering themselves and others in their community, and has supported them in the production and promotion of their fine handicrafts. One of the highlights of the project has been the re-introduction of “Indigofera Tinctoria” in Jordan, a natural blue dye that was cultivated in Jordan during ancient times. The women of “Safi Crafts” have revived the tradition and now cultivate and produce indigo independently, in Ghor el Safi.

A series of speeches were delivered during the event. Ms. Costanza Farina, UNESCO Representative to Jordan, congratulated the women of Safi Crafts on their hard-earned success and spoke to the importance of realizing Goal 5 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. “We know that women perform an average of two and a half times more unpaid care and domestic work than men. While this work is of great importance to families, societies and economies, it leads to lower earnings and less time for women to engage in paid employment. In spite of these obstacles, the women of Safi Crafts have gone above and beyond and have been successful in balancing their competing tasks”. Ms. Farina also expressed gratitude to Drosos Foundation for their long lasting engagement with UNESCO and their vigorous partnership as a donor and supporter.

On behalf of Drosos Foundation, Ms. Regula Kaufmann addressed the audience. “The Safi Crafts brand is known for its unique design, high-quality and eco-friendly practices. It also stands for innovation. We are so proud of your achievements and thank you for your tireless efforts. I have full confidence that you will lead your business and indigo cultivation to ongoing success beyond the close of this project”.

From the Ministry of Social Development, representing HE Ms. Basma Eshaqat, HE Mohammad Al-Osheibat addressed the audience. “I would like to thank the women of Safi Crafts and UNESCO for all their hard work. I am so proud every time that I hear such success stories of the work the women of Ghor el Safi are doing”, HE shared.

Following a video featuring testimonials from the women of Safi Crafts, Ms. Nayfeh Nawashreh, President of Safi Crafts, shared personal reflections with the audience, illustrating the compelling impact of the project and thanking UNESCO and Drosos for the ongoing support. "The women of Ghor el Safi have become business women and are helping to develop the Jordan Valley. The seeds have been planted and we will keep caring for them".

The event concluded with a live demonstration using natural dyes and participants enjoyed an opportunity to dye a scarf or a t-shirt in their choice of indigo or eucalyptus.

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