07.02.2017 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Heritage education activities for children in Umm el Jimal - Mafraq


Amman, 2 February 2017 – UNESCO Amman released this week “Umm el Jimal for Children” a Training Manual and set of five Thematic Activities on heritage education in Umm el Jimal. “Umm el Jimal for Children” was jointly developed by the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, the Children’s Museum Jordan, the Umm el Jimal Project and UNESCO Amman. This took place within the framework of the UNESCO-UN Women Joint Programme “Empowering rural women in Mafraq Governorate”, funded by UN Women and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan. ”Umm el Jimal for Children” was conceived to provide heritage education to children aged 8-13 from schools in Umm el Jimal, Mafraq Governorate and potentially Jordan as a whole.

“Umm el Jimal for Children” is inclusive of a Training Manual and of five Thematic Activity Toolkits. Each Thematic Activity stimulates children’s learning and interest on relevant aspects of the archaeology and history of the site through direct, hands-on activities and a thematic tour highlighting structures at the site which are particularly relevant to the selected theme.

The Training Manual is designed to train a team of 12 women from the local community of Umm el Jimal to implement the five Thematic Activities, and lead children in the active learning and discovery of Umm el Jimal’s archaeology and history. Through an intensive training provided by the Department of Antiquities and the National Children Museum of Jordan, the women will study about the archaeology and history of Umm el Jimal; discover its historical landmarks; and explore informal education methodologies for children. The trainees will learn through theory and practice how to conduct each thematic activity and the tour, and they will be tested against direct, on-the-job training on their capacity to do so. At the end of the Programme, they will be authentic leaders in informal heritage education activities at Umm el Jimal, and able to put what they have learnt into practice, at the service of children in Mafraq Governorate and all over Jordan.

The five Thematic Activities target children aged 8-13 years, and will be implemented in Umm el Jimal by the team of heritage education services providers upon completion of the Training Programme. Thanks to the women’s guidance, children will discover the architectural techniques used in ancient times in Umm el Jimal, by reconstructing key architectural elements themselves with ad-hoc wooden tools (Thematic Activity: I build Umm el Jimal). They will appreciate the delicate and intricate sequence of cultures and populations who inhabited the site, through storytelling and the creation of historical puppets (Thematic Activity: Who am I?). They will explore the dynamics that led to Umm el Jimal’s destruction by the earthquake of 749 AD (Thematic Activity: Construction and demolition). They will understand the challenges and fascinating work of archaeologists, through direct excavation and recording of artifacts in a box (Thematic Activity: Archaeologists in Umm el Jimal). They will enjoy the beauty of Umm el Jimal’s features, by painting its main architectural elements through blocks and stamps (Thematic Activity: Scenic paintings).

The Training Programme started on 29 January in Umm el Jimal and will continue until the end of April, with a mixed approach of trainings, site visits and on-the-job coaching.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Atzori, Project Officer, UNESCO Amman, email: a.atzori(at)unesco.org

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