18.03.2013 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Integrating media and information literacy in Jordanian schools


Empowering people through media and information literacy (MIL) is essential for the promotion of a free and pluralistic media environment. The UNESCO Amman Office has begun a pilot project called "Integrating Media and Information Literacy in Jordanian Schools" to provide Jordanian youth with knowledge and training on MIL and information and communication technologies (ICT).

“MIL lies at the core of freedom of expression and information. It empowers citizens to understand the functions of media and other information providers, so that the public is able to critically evaluate their content and make subsequently informed decisions,” said Dr. Anna Paolini, Head of UNESCO Amman Office and UNESCO Representative in Jordan.

Following a three-day training for the teachers on March 11-13, the project aims to teach 10th grade students from four pilot schools on research and analysis of new and traditional media, understanding of information biases and contexts, and how to express themselves appropriately through media platforms. The chosen schools are a part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network and represent north, south and central Jordan.

Beginning this week, ten students from each of the four schools are taking part in undertaken extra-curriculum classes in MIL twice a week for the next two months. The classes are given by the trained teachers and further supported by experts from the Arab Women Media Centre. Topics in focus will be debating techniques, social media campaigning, internet-based research, news analysis and writing techniques.

Following the completion of the training, students from each school will come together for a debating competition to practice their new skills and knowledge. Each school will also produce an electronic newsletter featuring articles on pressing issues in their communities with special focus on youth and gender.

This UNESCO project is part of a wider SIDA-funded initiative titled "Promoting an Enabling Environment for Freedom of Expression/Global Action with Special Focus on the Arab Region".

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