18.05.2012 - UNESCO Office in Amman

International Museum Day in Jordan

International Museum Day 2012

“Museums in a changing world. New challenges, new inspirations.”

Amman 18 May, 2012 Every year on May 18, UNESCO together with the global community of museums, celebrates the International Museum Day. This day encourages public awareness and highlights the important role that museums play in the development of society.

The rapid changes our societies are facing challenge the role of museums in an ever faster changing world. For this reason, this year’s theme is “Museums in a changing world. New challenges, new inspirations.” Thanks to new technologies such as social media and networking tools, increased interactions is radically changing the way people relate to each other, acquire knowledge, and access science, heritage and arts. Consequently, modern museums must adapt and compete for a distinct voice against background’s rapid pace.

UNESCO considers museums as centers for conservation, study and reflection on heritage and culture in the service of society, and realizes that they can no longer stand distant from the major issues and social transformations of our time. The organization believes that now more than ever it is very important to invest in museums in order to provide educational and cultural activities, especially for youth, in order to build self-awareness, create openness to knowledge, and foster life-long learning.

Over the past years, in Jordan UNESCO has been supporting the museum sector in Jordan by focusing on the management and educational aspects of museums. Through close partnerships with the Department of Antiquities and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, UNESCO has helped museums in Jordan meet international standards of management practices, conservation and preservation. These partnerships have also created a network of museum specialists. Now, there is a particular focus on museum education and outreach, but also on the introduction of best museum management practices in case of flooding, fire or earthquakes.

Anna Paolini, UNESCO Representative to Jordan, stated that “UNESCO will continue to assist Jordan in improving the management of museums and cultural objects, as well as in promoting cultural diversity and encourage specialised academic programmes at the local universities so that enough qualified and trained professionals will be ready in Jordan to manage and supervise museums according to international standards.”

The International Council of Museums established May 18 as International Museum Day in 1977. May 18 is a day for worldwide recognition and celebration of the importance of museums as cultural and educational institutions.

For more information please contact Valentina Gamba, v.gamba@unesco.org 

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