23.05.2017 - UNESCO Office in Amman

JMI concludes training program on media and information literacy for students

@Jordan Media Institute

The following is a press release by Jordan Media Institute, our implementing partner on the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) component of the EU funded "Support to Media in Jordan" project:

Amman, 14 May 2017 -- Male and female supervisors of school media clubs said that the opportunity given to students to join the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) project, implemented by the Jordan Media Institute (JMI), in partnership with UNESCO and with the support of the EU, since the beginning of the current school year 2017/2018, had greatly contributed to building their capacities for analyzing values of news and information and telling news from rumors.

During the training program on photography and video production carried out by the JMI at its premises for school media clubs, they added that the students showed great ability to tell correct information from rumors and to distinguish between a correct picture and a fabricated one. They also developed their capacities concerning the concepts of photography and montage and using social media sites safely. The project also contributed to the development of their personalities. They now have greater ability to express themselves.

Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali, founder of the JMI, met on the sidelines of the course with the supervisors and students, in the presence of JMI Dean Dr. Basim Tweissi and the two representatives of UNESCO and the Jordan Education Initiative. Her Highness listened to students' experiences involving acquiring skills and knowledge through the project and its role in protecting the student generation from misleading news and the discourse of extremism and hate in social media.

During the meeting, Her Highness stressed that it is important for students to use critical thinking and raise questions when watching news. She underlined the importance of reading in developing mental capacities.

Bayan Tal, director of the project, said that the training program carried out by the JMI for the students taking part in MIL clubs included skills of photography and video production by using mobile phones. This is part of the skills of the MIL project, carried out by the JMI at eight schools in the capital, Amman, with the aim of enabling students from the seventh grade to the ninth grade to participate in making news and express their opinions and enabling them to contribute to their societies.

The boy schools taking part in the project include Firas Ajlouni Secondary School, Al-Rashid Secondary School, Dirar Bin al-Azwar, and Jamil Shakir. As for the girl schools, they include Aisha Umm al Momineen Primary School, Dahiyat al-Hussein, Bint Uday Comprehensive Secondary School, and Khalda Comprehensive Secondary School.

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