18.06.2011 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Let’s laugh! Successful comedy initiative brings people of different backgrounds together

On Saturday the 18th of June the UNESCO Office in Amman in cooperation with Pioneers Production and the Technical Cooperation Agency of the Spanish Embassy held the first “Let’s Laugh!” Comedy Event at the Royal Cultural Centre in Amman. Ten 10 young men and women took part in a final performance which was the culmination of a 10 week workshop to train young people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in stand-up comedy techniques.

However, this comedy event which attracted a crowd of 400 persons was more than just a training. Comedy is a safe environment, through which we can develop a sense of respect for each other which is the foundation of mutual understanding, friendship and learning. This is in line with UNESCO’s mandate of building a culture of peace since comedy is a way of appreciating and enjoying what makes us different from each other, but also recognizing similarities. Through creating platforms for dialogue and discussion and through the celebration of cultural diversity this event succesfully promoted a culture of peace.

UNESCO Amman is planning to hold a similar event next year, and to broaden to programme to have regional focus. Any amateur performers who are interested to participate.

for more information about the programme, please contact Vanessa Kaoukji: v.kaoukji(at)unesco.org  

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