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Prince Hassan calls for regional institution to preserve heritage at Italy conference (The Jordan Times)

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AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan said that it is time to establish a regional institution to preserve heritage during his inauguration of the 14th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan held on Tuesday in Florence, Italy.

Prince Hassan told the conference’s audience that their endeavours contribute to unifying international efforts to preserve heritage and discover archaeological sites.

The five-day conference, which was attended by HRH Princess Sarvath, Princess Wijdan Al Hashemi and Jordan’s Ambassador to Italy Fayez Khouri, is scheduled to review 200 archaeological papers.

Prince Hassan also said that the refugee crisis is not limited to the region, but extends to Europe and other world countries where people go to seek better living standards, according to a statement sent by Prince Hassan’s office.

He also called on the organisations that work on preserving heritage to engage with local communities and empower them to help preserve their heritage, referring to the senseless destruction of archaeological sites in the region.

President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, said that archaeology helps keep history alive, while the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella highlighted the role of Florence in enhancing dialogue among cultures and religions.

He also voiced his appreciation of Jordan for hosting refugees, adding that Jordan presented Europe with an ideal to aspire to.

For her part, UNESCO’s regional representative to Jordan, Costanza Farina, explained the cultural and heritage consequences of wars and crises, calling for more research papers on and excavations in Jordan.

Chairman of the conference’s scientific committee, Guido Vannini, highlighted the historical and archaeological importance of Jordan, pointing to cooperation between the University of Florence and Jordan’s Department of Antiquities.

Italian Ambassador to Jordan Fabio Cassese also affirmed the need to preserve the two countries’ “distinguished” heritage.

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