10.12.2009 - UNESCO Office in Amman

School Readiness Programme for Iraqi and Jordanian Youth Launched


UNESCO launches USAID funded School Readiness Programme for Vulnerable Iraqi and Jordanian Youth

UNESCO Office Amman, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and Caritas Jordan is launching a School Readiness Programme for vulnerable children in Jordan.  The School Readiness Programme for Vulnerable Iraqi and Jordanian Youth project targets up to 1,500 vulnerable Iraqi and Jordanian children (ages 6-18) with a focus on continuing education and providing a supportive network within the formal school system.

The identification of extreme vulnerable and special needs cases including health and protection needs will be conducted in cooperation with Caritas Jordan and ANERA established outreach programmes as well as through the development of clear referral policies. The organization of after school enrichment classes for student participants aims to ensure continuity in approach and that vulnerable children do not get lost in the gaps between formal and non-formal education in Jordan. In more detail, the project will aim to accomplish the following goals:

·        Enhance the school readiness programme for up to 1,500 at-risk and vulnerable Iraqi and Jordanian youth by registering them for informal education classes in three targeted communities in Jordan.

·        Decrease the drop out rates of Iraqi and Jordanian youth from the formal school system by establishing a supportive network consisting of increased teacher awareness, enrichment classes, community mobilization, and parent associations.

·        Provide up to 100 extremely vulnerable children with essential non-food items that will enable them to attend school, such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, crutches, hearing aids, eye glasses, etc. In addition, up to 30 extremely vulnerable disabled children will be provided with transportation assistance to school for 2010.

·        Implement capacity building mechanisms that focus on professional development for teachers in selected schools on Education Planning in Post Conflict and Post Disaster environments, Minimum Standards, Inclusive Education and Special Needs, and Classroom Management.

·        Build the capacity of Ministry of Education senior staff from relevant directorates on inclusive education planning and minimum standards guidelines.

The project is supported by UNESCO Office Amman in close consultation with relevant UNESCO Units at headquarters such as PCPD Section, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Beirut, UNESCO Institute of Education Planning (IIEP) in Paris, as well as partner organizations ANERA and Caritas Jordan.

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