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Setting priorities for UNESCO’s work in Jordan: the UNESCO Country Programming Document for 2012-17

The Jordan UNESCO Country Programming Document (UCPD) for 2012-17 has been endorsed in March 2012 by the Ministry of Education is now available. This document outlines UNESCO’s strategic framework for the next six years in Jordan and has been prepared as a result of an extensive process of consultations within the Organization and national stakeholders - of which the most important is the Jordan National Commission for UNESCO.

The Jordan UCPD for 2012-17 sets the framework for the Organization’s multisector cooperation strategy with Jordan, in alignment with the country’s priorities and the 2013–2017 United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Jordan. The analysis of the document is based on the 2011 Country Assessment for the 2013–2017 UNDAF for Jordan, research into available resources, and consultations with partners. The UCPD has been prepared with UNESCO’s new programme and budget document (36 C/5) as guidance, yet with careful consideration of UNESCO’s contributions to future development needs in light of the 2015 deadline for Education for All (EFA) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Under the section proposed strategic cooperation framework, UNESCO’s forthcoming strategies and areas of intervention in line with national priorities and other UN agencies for Jordan are outlined in detail.

In the coming years, UNESCO will invest heavily in targeted areas in which it has a comparative advantage in Jordan. are becoming a main area of intervention for the Amman Office in the coming years. This is taking place with a focus on promoting entrepreneurship and linkages between scientific research, technology and innovation policies and related fields, such as water management and climate change research, disaster risk reduction (DRR), applied synchrotron research and education, to assist Jordan in solving some of its most pressing challenges – namely, water scarcity, inefficient management of natural resources and environmental degradation. In the education sectorhe Office will continue investing in improving the quality of education in Jordan by strengthening capacities for policy formulation and planning, and by focusing on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and entrepreneurship education in the higher education system to prepare young professionals for the job market and promote equal opportunity to obtain decent employment. Support for the protection of Jordan’s sites inscribed on the World Heritage (WH) List and assist in improving the management of museums and cultural objects, as well as in promoting cultural diversity will be the focus of the culture sectorcommunication and information

The UCPD is a programming tool designed to highlight UNESCO’s contributions to a country’s development efforts in a comprehensive manner. It covers all of UNESCO’s activities in a particular country, whether regular programme or extrabudgetary. In Jordan, this UCPD is the second edition, the first having been released in March 2008.

Download the complete document under: http://bit.ly/N8fPOF

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