01.05.2014 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Trainings held for Youth Mentors and NFE Facilitators

Project is funded by the European Union

With funding from the European Union, UNESCO in partnership with Questscope conducted a series of trainings in early May to enhance the capacities of the staff working with vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian youth. On May 1st, a training for 30 Non-Formal Education facilitators was held on how to identify students with special needs in the classroom and conduct suitable interventions for those students. NFE is conducted in host communities across the country to provide alternative educational pathways to youth that have missed out on schooling. On May 1st and 3rd, two training modules for case managers and mentors on building communication and problem-solving skills were conducted. 67 mentors and 14 case managers attended the training that took place in Za’atari Camp. Mentoring in the Za’atari refugee camp provides youth with opportunities to address causes underlying aggressive behavior and strengthen their sense of community by providing mechanisms for creating change.

The trainings were undertaken in support of the EU-funded project, “ Sustaining Quality Education and Promoting Skills Development Opportunities for Young Syrian Refugees in Jordan,” a three-year project in response to the challenges posed by the escalating influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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