11.11.2010 -

UNESCO Amman and Ministry of Education launch a Teacher Professional Development programme in Karak

Karak 11 November 2010 – UNESCO Office Amman, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has launched a Teacher Training programme in Karak. The programme aims to complement the on-going professional development of teachers and institutional reform programmes implemented by the Ministry of Education and other bi-lateral donors and international institutions in Jordan.

The quality of teacher training is very important and has remained a top priority in Jordan’s Education Reform for Knowledge Economy II. In consistence with the ERfKE II plan, and in support of the government’s on-going efforts to improve the quality of education in Jordan, UNESCO’s professional development course will strengthen the quality of teacher training through several key channels.  These trainings will focus on supporting teachers with necessary skills to manage classrooms in challenging circumstances and integrate vulnerable youth in an interactive and positive educational experience.  Over the course of the programme, teachers will learn new tools for creating safe learning environments, addressing technical issues and enhancing the overall quality of education through learning improvement.

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