03.02.2019 - UNESCO Office in Amman

UNESCO and Korea provide TVET training scholarships to Jordanian and Syrian youth


Basel Al Neamah and his family left Syria in 2013 and fled as refugees to Jordan. The timing could not have been worse; Basel had just finished 9th grade and now would need to adapt to a brand new education system. The family settled at first in King Abdullah Park Camp, later moving to Al Sareeh in Irbid.

Basel’s father struggled following the transition to Jordan. At 19 years of age, and with four other young siblings, Basel had no choice but to make a contribution to supporting his family.  Basel had not collected his official education documents before leaving Syria and soon found a job that did not require further formal education. For three years he worked doing carpentry, building and painting and found himself becoming interested in the field of Art and Decoration.

A friend of Basel’s was studying at Luminus Technical University College in Irbid and told him about some scholarships that were currently being offered, with funding from the Government of the Republic of Korea.  He was thrilled to learn that applicants did not need to have completed Tawjihi in order to be considered and Basel quickly worked to apply to the Art and Design program.

“Finally, I felt that there was a door being opened to me”, shared Basel. “I was so worried that I would need to return to secondary school for five years in order to progress with my education”.

Basel’s scholarship is one of the 250 scholarships offered under this project, supporting access to meaningful, accredited post-basic education for 75 vulnerable Jordanian youth and 175 Syrian refugee youth in Jordan. The project is implemented by the UNESCO Amman office, which has been taking a leadership role in ensuring the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development Goal 4 focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

Basel feels fortunate to be following his passion at last. “I am so grateful for this opportunity and feel I am taking a real step towards building my career by obtaining an internationally accredited certificate. I am interested in interior design and following this course of study, I plan to continue to look for another opportunity to pursue my studies at a higher level”.

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