10.11.2010 -

UNESCO donates gift to Jordan Museum

Amman 10 November 2010 – UNESCO Amman held a lecture at Jordan Museum on educational activities in museums. The lecture was presented by the Austrian museum education specialist Dr. Claudia Haas. The lecture was followed by a debate where professionals in the field of museums and education had the chance to exchange ideas on new techniques and their use in Jordan.

On this occasion UNESCO Amman took the opportunity to donate to Jordan Museum an educational puzzle that was developed for young visitors to the World Heritage Site of Quseir Amra. The puzzle was developed in association with the Institut français du Proche-Orient. The puzzle is a facsimile of the wall paintings that are seen on the ceilings of the main hall in Quseir Amra. The game gives young visitors the opportunity to explore the meanings behind the paintings in a joyful way. One copy of the puzzle remains in the Visitors Centre at Quseir Amra.

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