23.06.2011 - UNESCO Office in Amman

UNESCO raises awareness on gender sensitive reporting and climate change among young journalists

In cooperation with the Arab Women Media Center (AWMC), UNESCO Office in Amman held a four-day workshop in Amman for young journalists on gender in media. The workshop, titled "Media and Gender" introduced the concept of gender and its representation in media while exploring the ways of how climate change affects gender.

Twenty students from Amman, Irbid, Maan, Karak, and Zarqaa took part in the workshop which among other topics covered themes such as the stereotyped image of women in the media, violence against women, gender and nationality law, the role of community media in gender sensitization, gender and social media and climate change and gender.

In her concluding remarks to the future journalists, Ms. Anna Paolini, Head of the UNESCO Office in Amman said, "Journalists and media professionals are destined to exercise a powerful influence in determining whether society fully recognizes important gender issues, this can only happen through proper representation stemming from an adequate knowledge and understanding of what gender is, its relation to global issues, such as climate change, and the importance of promoting justice and equality for women while fostering appreciation for their specific contributions to the society.

Mahasen Imam, Director and Founder of Arab Women Media Center added that, "In line with recent political changes in the region, traditional media no longer exists, instead a new form of media has risen: citizen journalism. This "new media" has emerged eliminating all forms of gender discrimination, allowing both men and women to speak out about their issues from their common belief in change and reform.”

The workshop was an inter-sectoral activity of the Science and Education Units of the UNESCO Office in Amman.

For further information please contact Maaly Hazzaz: m.hazzaz(at)unesco.org

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