20.10.2009 - UNESCO Office in Amman

Workshop on FRESH Initiative held in Amman


Amman, 20 October

A three-day workshop was held in Amman to train trainers on School Health Education and HIV and AIDS prevention within the Frame work of the FRESH initiative (Focusing Resources for Effective School Health Education) in School Health Education. The goal of the training was to have a core team of trainees in School Health to conduct training of trainees in all regions in Jordan. The 30 participants hailed from all regions in Jordan and included school health coordinators, school health educators and supervisors from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.  

The sessions focused on introducing the FRESH initiative and raising awareness on school health education issues. It highlighted the HIV and AIDS situation and prevention in Jordan. It also focused on training skills in School Health and HIV and AIDS prevention. The workshop is part of the ongoing UNESCO program in School Health and HIV and AIDS prevention Education conducted in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health

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