Communication and Information


Rooted in UNESCO’s Constitution, which requires the Organization to promote the “free flow of ideas by word and image”, the Communication and Information Sector focuses on:

  • Promoting the free flow of ideas and universal access to information
  • Promoting the expression of pluralism and cultural diversity in the media and world information networks
  • Promoting access for all to Information Communication Technologies



The opening up and liberalization of the media scene in Jordan over the past 15 years has led to a growth of news outlets and has effected positive change on the information environment. Today, 7 daily newspapers and 12 weekly newspapers are published and the influence of new media is growing. News websites are steadily expanding their scope and a modest blogsphere is unfolding. In cooperation with local media NGOs, media networks and training institutions, the UNESCO Amman Office implements research, capacity building and awareness raising activities in the following areas:

  • Media reform, press freedom and freedom of expression
  • Media and information literacy
  • Post-conflict and post-disaster responses
  • Crosscutting priorities such as HIV/AIDS awareness and water education




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