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UNESCO believes education is a fundamental human right and improving education worldwide is key to social and economic development. As is one of UNESCO’s principle fields of activities, the Education Sector aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Capacity-building: to provide a platform for intellectual and thoughtful leadership for educational innovation and reform.
  • Laboratory of ideas: to anticipate and respond to emerging trends and needs in education and develop education policy recommendations based on research evidence.
  • International catalyst: to initiate and promote dialogue and exchange of information among educational leaders and stakeholders.
  • Clearing house: to promote the development and implementation of successful educational practices and document and disseminate successful practices.
  • Standard-setting: to develop standards, norms and guidelines for action in key education areas.

In Jordan, UNESCO focuses on assuring the quality of primary, secondary and higher education by integrating literacy, technical vocational training, ASPnet, HIV/AIDS, inclusive education and human rights themes into the national curriculum.

UNESCO also encourages experimentation, innovation and policy dialogue in the education sector to ensure continuous change and improvement within the Jordanian educational system. Its strong link with the Jordanian Ministry of Education, government agencies and NGOs facilitates UNESCO's success in its project implementation.



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