Education in Emergencies


It is increasingly recognized that education must be a principal part of any humanitarian response. Education can save and sustain lives, offering physical, cognitive and psychosocial protection when delivered in safe, neutral spaces. Education restores routine and gives people hope for the future; it can also serve as a channel both for meeting other basic humanitarian needs and communicating vital messages that promote safety and well-being.

With Jordan located in a region burdened by instability, the country has undergone several humanitarian crises due to refugees entering from neighboring countries and territories. As the current crisis in Syria deepens, the education needs for Syrian refugee children in Jordan has intensified further, putting greater pressure on a public education system that is already strained as a result of the current economic climate. In response to the challenges posed by the escalating influx of Syrian refugees, the UNESCO Amman Office with funding from the EU is implementing a three year project to sustain quality education and promote skills development opportunities for young Syrian refugees and Jordanians impacted by the humanitarian crisis.

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