Literacy and Non-Formal Education

An education session taking place at the Um Sayhoun center

The UNESCO Amman Office has implemented a number of non-formal literacy programmes for children, youth and young adults who, for a number of reasons, have not been able to obtain adequate literacy skills from the formal education system.

The most recent of the UNESCO programmes was implemented in 2011-2012 in Um Sayhoun, a village near the famous World Heritage site of Petra where there is a high number of youths dropped out from school to pursue employment opportunities.

The programme established a non-formal education center that operated in double shifts for boys and girls at separate times. All together 300 education sessions were conducted on a variety of subjects including mathematics, reading, writing, religious and moral development, sports, health and wellbeing, and vocational and life skills. Of the 59 youths recruited to partake in this program, 42 graduated, achieving a retention rate of 71%.

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