School Readiness Programme

Girls playing at the opening day of the School Readiness Programme

Implemented by the UNESCO Amman Office in collaboration with American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA), Caritas Jordan and the Ministry of Education, the school readiness programme aimed to reintegrate vulnerable Iraqi children living in Jordan that were left out of the school system for almost three years back into the formal education system.

While the opportunity to enter the Jordanian education system was made possible, many Iraqi children still often failed to do so because, in addition to the financial constraints, they did not have the adequate academic and emotional preparation to adjust and adapt to the Jordanian national curriculum. The programme aimed to ensure that these children did not get lost in the gap between formal and non-formal education in Jordan, organizing after-school enrichment classes for children (ages 6-18) and providing extremely vulnerable children with essential non-food items that will help them to attend school.

In addition, UNESCO worked closely with the Ministry of Education to ensure the programme integrated capacity building mechanisms for teachers in selected schools with Iraqi children and that the Ministry of Education senior staff from relevant directorates received training on inclusive education planning and minimum standards guidelines.

There is uncertainty as to the actual number of Iraqis living in Jordan. A study commissioned by the Jordanian Government and conducted by the Norwegian Research Institute FAFO has indicated their number range between 450,000 and 500,000 as of May 2007.

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