Teacher Training


Achieving quality education for all calls for more and better trained teachers versed in pedagogical processes. UNESCO works to address these challenges through mobilizing and assisting Member States in the design and implementation of viable national policies for teacher initial and continuous training, recruitment, retention, status and working conditions.

In Jordan, supporting and strengthening teacher training is a top priority under the UNESCO National Education Support Strategy. UNESCO adds strategic value by improving the quality of current teacher training initiatives and by fostering a long term, institutionalized and integrated approach to teaching professional development at the school level.

One of the overall goals of teacher training is to highlight the good practices that currently exist and to develop a comprehensive map of these efforts. This helps to identify which areas are already undertaking good practices so projects are not unnecessarily duplicated in those areas, and which areas are lacking the means and capacity to adopt these good practices so more resources can be dedicated to those areas. This also optimizes the spending efficiency of the contributions received from donors and institutions.

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