Adaptation to climate change to sustain Jordan’s MDG achievement

Although Jordan has made strategic advances towards the achievement of MDG targets, its achievements are compromised by crippling water scarcity and aggravated by climate change, thus bringing about additional threats to health, food security, productivity, and human security.

The ‘Adaptation to climate change to sustain Jordan’s MDG achievement’ programme helps Jordan address the above key strategic issues through achieving: 1) sustained access to improved water supply sources despite increased water scarcity induced by climate change; and 2) strengthened adaptive capacity for health protection and food security to climate change under water scarcity conditions.

The programme is a part of a joint UN initiative funded by the Spanish MDG Achievement Fund, implemented by UNESCO, UNDP, WHO and FAO with key national partners the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Irrigation and Ministry of Education for the years 2009-2013.

UNESCO’s component focused on enhancing Jordan’s institutional capacities in integrated water resources management. Under this programme, the UNESCO Amman Office:


  • Developed training and capacity building programmes in integrated water resources management for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and NGOs;
  • Developed community-based research projects on climate change adaption;
  • Designed and implemented research projects related to the environment and climate change;
  • Improved the national database on integrated water resources management in arid and semi-arid areas;
  • Developed water education and awareness programmes;
  • Established an international research centre for environmental and water resources for advocacy education and capacity building at Al Balqa Applied University.






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