Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation

Evacuation drill conducted in a school in Jordan

With the occurrence of natural disasters on the rise, UNESCO is committed to playing a vital role in the construction of a global culture of disaster risk reduction. The purposes of UNESCO in this field are to:

  • promote a better understanding of the distribution in time and space of natural hazards and of their intensity;
  • set up reliable early warning systems;
  • devise rational land-use plans;
  • secure the adoption of suitable building design;
  • protect educational buildings and cultural monuments;
  • strengthen environmental protection for the prevention of natural disasters;
  • enhance preparedness and public awareness through education and training in communication and information;
  • foster post-disaster investigation, recovery and rehabilitation;
  • Promote studies on the social perception of risks.

Jordan is situated in a region that is susceptible to natural disasters such as, among others, earthquakes, floods, drought and desertification. These pose as major natural hazards that can affect the country. In response, UNESCO delivers disaster preparedness and mitigation training to teachers and students in Jordan to promote appropriate disaster risk reduction mechanisms.

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