Disaster Risk Reduction in Schools

One of two guidebooks produced by UNESCO Amman Office

Aimed at promoting safe behavior of school children and teachers in case of a major disaster, the UNESCO Amman Office piloted the 'Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Schools’ project across 22 schools in Amman in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Jordanian Civil Defence, and the Jordanian Red Crescent. The activities of the project included:

  • Production of two guidebooks for students in 1st-4th grade and 5th-10th grade on earthquakes, flood preparedness and safe behavior that can be used for all students across Jordan;
  • Training of 48 teachers from the pilot schools on disaster risk reduction methodologies, use of the two guidebooks and development of contingency plans;
  • Production and launch of 4 public service announcements on television on how to be prepared for a natural disaster at home and at school and what the basic evacuation procedures are using a simple and family-friendly animation clip;
  • Carrying out of evacuation drills at selected schools by the Civil Defence team;
  • Distribution of disaster risk reduction bags to the pilot schools by the Jordan Red Crescent.
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