Legal Support to Media in Jordan


UNESCO believes that journalists, bloggers and media professionals must have access to the best possible legal support in the event of legal action. With support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the long-term objective of this regional project is to support a new generation of specialized media lawyers, bloggers and other media professionals, in addition to citizen journalists and activists.

Since 2015, the UNESCO Amman office has been conducting trainings for this audience, organizing a series of specialized workshops. Some of this training has focused on both enhancing the legal awareness of media practitioners and social media activists while helping junior lawyers develop their professional legal skills in support of media related cases.

  • Training for 8 media outlets and organizations has been carried out from August to October 2017, focusing on tackling issues of libel and slander while also touching on objectivity and the importance of pre-publication and pre-broadcast legal counseling.
  • Seminars in media law have been delivered in December 2017 to 200 journalism and law students at 10 universities, promoting a strong understanding ofthe impact of such laws and regulations on journalistic and legal work.
  • Building on the judges’ retreat of August 2017 a training has been designed for 12 judicial officers, in an effort to share knowledge with these essential partners in development, interpretation, implementation and enforcement of laws related to freedom of expression and public access to information. The training that will be carried out in January 2018 will increase their knowledge on basic journalism skills, paying particular attention to investigative and online journalism.
  • In parallel to the trainings, UNESCO has created an online platform serving as a comprehensive source for media law and regulations in Jordan. Currently, a new ‘online legal support’ feature is under development for the website ( This free feature will provide journalists with an opportunity to submit their content 24/7 for legal review, prior to publication or broadcast.



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