Networks of Mediterranean Youth: "NET-MED Youth Project"

NET-MED youth participate in a conference in Paris on June 5th, 2014

The NET-MED Youth Project is a three-year project which aims to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for young women and men to develop their competencies, exercise their rights and meaningfully engage as active citizens, particularly in decision-making relating to political, social, economic, education and cultural policy and planning processes. The networking capacities of youth organizations in the concerned countries will be strengthened, particularly by increasing their interaction with the media and their use of ICT based platforms and by enhancing their econo0kic inclusion and access to the labor market.

This project is being implemented by UNESCO in Jordan and nine others countries across the Western and Eastern Basins of the Mediterranean with funding from the European Union.

The project is an innovative intersectoral response aimed at improving the access and effective participation of youth in developing and implementing national strategies and policies affecting them. It will be coordinated by UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Sector in close cooperation with UNESCO’s Sectors for Communication & Information and Education, in close contact with European Union delegations in the participating countries.

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