Mr Abdul Ilah Khatib, President of the Independent Electoral Commission debates with media professionals their role in elections

Enhancing Professional and Accurate Media on the Electoral Process in Jordan

The Project ‘Enhancing professional and accurate media on the electoral process in Jordan’ funded by the European Union, has been launched in the framework of the reformed electoral process in Jordan and the 2013 parliamentarian elections. The Project builds upon UNESCO’s two-decade experience and commitment in building the capacities of media sectors at large during elections -in South-Eastern Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The structure of the initiative is based on a needs assessment process developed in the past months during a wide consultation with Jordanian media stakeholders. Implementation is to be conducted through a mix of standard, localized and innovative activities, such as training, awareness, advocacy and consultation.

This Project is part of the United Nations and the international community’s response to the request of the Government of Jordan to support the successful realization of the upcoming Parliamentary elections. National independent media stakeholders as well as the Government have repeatedly requested that UNESCO coordinates the media component of such intervention in its capacity as a specialized agency for the promotion of freedom of expression and media-development. UNESCO has a recognized track record of being a neutral, credible and professional catalyst in the field of media reform, gained through a decade-long experience in supporting media development in Jordan and elsewhere.

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