Information Centres for Syrian and Jordanian Youth in the North of Jordan

Syrian and Jordanian youth utilize a computer lab at a Youth Information Center in northern Jordan

The project reinforces the commitment of UNESCO’s country offices in Jordan and Lebanon to help displaced Syrian youth as well as vulnerable Jordanian youth through the establishment of a Youth Information Center (YIC) in each country. The centers will contribute to the human security of displaced Syrian youth and vulnerable Jordanians through enhanced access to information and provision of non-formal education services. This initiative is contributing to the empowerment and social inclusion of youth, building important skills, fostering learning and facilitating youth freedom of expression.

The Youth Information Center in Jordan is being established in Mafraq. By the mid-September 2014, two computer labs will be equipped with new computers and furniture. Upgrade to the library are planned as the next step. Over the course of this year and next, activities will be implemented in the Youth Center targeting Syrian and Jordanian students from the schools in the area with the support of an implementing partner.

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