Children celebrate their graduation from the UNESCO-EU informal education project implemented in partnership with WCUK in the Zaatari refugee camp.

Sustaining Quality Education & Promoting Skills Development for Young Syrian Refugees in Jordan

The UNESCO Amman Office is implementing a 4.3 million Euro project funded by the European Union to sustain quality education and promote skills development opportunities for young Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth impacted by the humanitarian crisis. This project aims to address the challenges posed by the continuing influx of Syrian refugees on the quality of education in Jordan.

The project has been launched in the context of the Government of Jordan’s Education Development to sustain Quality Education and promote skills development in schools at the request of the Jordan Ministry of Education. The project builds upon UNESCO’s experience and commitment to strengthening national capacities of the Education system through in-country skills, technical and capacity support in the field of sector-wide policies, development and organization.

By promoting the quality of teaching in schools with mixed populations of Syrian and Jordanian children, this project aims to benefit displaced Syrian children as well as Jordanian children attending presently overstrained schools. Jordanian teachers, school supervisors and principals are benefiting from the trainings with upgraded skills and strategies for teaching based on internationally recognized standards for education in emergencies and post-conflict.

The youth skills development component will benefit Syrian youth residing in both Za’atari refugee camp and in urban areas in addition to Jordanian youth living in urban areas with limited opportunities for schooling, recreation, mentoring and skills development training.

UNESCO and its partners aim to support the Government of Jordan in addressing the needs of the increasing flows of Syrian refugees and overburdened host communities. Through further developing the capacities of the Ministry of Education, its teachers and other education professionals, this project promotes long-term support to Jordan’s efforts to address the adverse impact of the Syria crisis while maintaining quality education for all.

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