Vocational Skills Development Opportunities for Young Syrian Refugee and Vulnerable Jordanian Women in Jordan

The main objective of this project is to increase the representation of Syrian refugees and Jordanian.

Female women in higher education and the workforce. The project provides 500 at-risk young women with life-skills and work readiness training, whilst encouraging shared experiences and an open dialogue between Syrians and Jordanians. It is designed to help the young women develop business and vocational skills to realise their potential.  It will be implemented in eight community-based organizations in seven communities across the Kingdom of Jordan.      

The implementation phase will entail building the capacity of the candidates according to the selected training topics. Hence, two main modules will be offered; life skills and work readiness on the one hand and business and vocational skills training on the other hand. This phase lays the groundwork for the networking and mentorship phase upon which the impact is realized. The reason behind this combination of trainings is clear. Once empowered personally with skills that allows the candidates to set goals, be driven, be aware of the power of their subconscious, manage their time efficiently and communicate effectively among other interpersonal skills, candidates can start their journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Given that technical skills advances ones chances in employability and in pursuing a higher education, the module on business and vocational training tackle specific technical areas where candidates can upgrade and hone their skills.

The main objective behind the life skills training is empowerment. The training modules aim to contribute to a paradigm shift in the thinking of the women candidates from being overcome by challenges to a can do attitude. It also goes beyond just enhancing life skills to highlighting that link between these skills and future decisions and realities. This transformational training experience is JRF’s unique proposition. Success stories of women who were engaged previously in JRF’s life skills training will be highlighted in the career day. Such other stories will allow women in this project to relate and assess their own journey and aspirations.

The program provides practical training tools for implementation of the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation and how to apply this concept through acquiring technical trainings in handicrafts.

Ongoing one on one counseling for psychosocial support will take place for all candidates at least twice within one year. This support will assist them to identify their career and academic options and aspirations. The objectives of the trainings are to enhance employability options, pursue further education and initiate new business startups. Depending on the interest of each candidate, ongoing counseling can assist in more in-depth realization of each candidate’s preferences. The idea behind the trainings is to form the base and foundation for new educational aspirations for example business management around handicrafts, designing, marketing, etc. Linkages and networking with various educational institutions, colleges and centers will take place during the envisioned career days.

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