Sample of Safi Craft’s products

Since 1999, the women of Ghor el Safi Women Association for Social Development produce beautiful and original handicrafts making use of natural dyes: ‘Safi Crafts’. The activity of Safi Crafts involves 15 women of the village and was started thanks to the support of the American-based artist Jean Bradbury. Safi Crafts are unique handmade creations, showing daily life in Safi and Jordan, with families, tomato farms and local heritage; each piece is hand produced by the women of Ghor el Safi with the use of natural colours, coming directly out of the land of Jordan. The use of natural dyes gives Safi Crafts a unique and beautiful palette of colours, different from any other handicrafts in Jordan. Through this project, UNESCO will support the women of Ghor el Safi to improve the quality of Safi Crafts, develop new designs and colours, and better promote and market them.

Safi Crafts are little portions of the land and heritage of Jordan

Safi Crafts products include: bags, wall hangings, bed covers, baby quilts, scarves, bracelets and coasters. For more information about Ghor el Safi Women Association and Safi Crafts products please visit:

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