Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, ARIJ

ARIJ is an independent non-profit network founded by media activists and organizations in the Arab world and working in cooperation with the Copenhagen based International Media Support (IMS), the Stockholm-based Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Foundations for Open Society (FOSI) the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (FUG), and other European journalists and media academics. It covers nine Arab countries: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain and Tunisia.

Consequently, ARIJ has become the leading Arab media support network since 2005, focusing on the following areas:

  • Acting as a regional resource centre in providing training and technical support in the area of investigative reporting;
  • Providing Arab journalists and coaches interested in investigative reporting with legal support , international expertise, and access to local and international media forums;
  • Publishing well documented investigative reports that concern problems of concern to local societies and lead to accountability.
  • Creating a platform that fosters free, independent and pluralistic media for development, democracy, and dialogue in the region through organizing conferences for Arab Investigative journalists in various Arab capitals.
  • Training both on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) Tools, and follow-the-money trail to expose financial corruption
  • Organizing one annual conference for ARIJ members to encourage networking and an exchange of tools of the trade.
  • Setting up investigative journalism units at existing media; mainly TV and print.

Within the Project, ARIJ’s role will focus on training media professionals on Investigative Journalism among other subjects as well as providing support and guidance to those. ARIJ has recently published a manual for investigative reporters in Arabic (, English ( and French ( This manual integrates best practices and standards for investigative reporting customized and practiced in the Arab world through the ARIJ network of editors and journalists in the nine ARIJ countries of operation. This well tested manual will be used during the training which will be tailored to best benefit the Jordanian journalists and editors.  The intervention will create a medium for learning and mutual understanding between journalists from different organizations, in addition to independent journalists. This will reveal an added value to the training whereby exposure and communication amongst reporters, coaches and trainers will enrich the training experience.


A major goal is enhancing the skills of journalists in Jordan to undertake their full responsibilities as investigative reporters to enhance accountability and transparency in the political process. Journalists will get a five-day basic training on Investigative Journalism in line with the ARIJ Manual "Story-based Inquiry After that, participants receive a small grant, and are assigned a coach to supervise him/her and a lawyer for pre-publication screening.

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