What is #Unite4Heritage?

The #Unite4Heritage campaign was launched in Iraq by the UNESCO Director-General Ms. Irina Bokova on March 28 at the University of Baghdad. The event gathered students, faculty members and high level government authorities.

Born as a global movement to protect and safeguard heritage under threat, the initiative has turned into a global call to claim the importance of heritage for all, individually and collectively. In the words of Ms. Bokova:“Cultural sites have a universal value. They belong to all of us and mustbe protected by all. We are not just talking about stones and buildings.We are talking about values, ideas and belonging”. The aim of the#Unite4heritage initiative is to create a positive narrative on theimportance of heritage to all, and in particular to youth. #Unite4heritage is powered by UNESCO but voiced by stakeholders from all around the Arab region and beyond.

Unite4Jordan’s Heritage.

Jordan is a country with an extraordinary rich cultural heritage:UNESCO’s objective is to harness the power of culture to unite peopleby empowering them.UNESCO Amman Office encourages and supports the promotion of heritage, in coordination with national authorities and other stakeholders in the country. Culture is recognized as a critical source of resilience and a key trigger for economic and social change.

In view of the above, and aiming at focussing on the criticality of Jordanian heritage, UNESCO Amman Office is engaging in the #Unite4Heritage initiative to:

  • Voice youth views and feelings on the significance of heritage and culture in a fast-changing world;
  • Promote the importance of local heritage as a means to foster diversity and tolerance.



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